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The new website is up and running! ┬áThe important Association documents are available – please review these and print out the areas that concern you.

Suggestions are welcome!


The New Website — 5 Comments

  1. The framework for the “new” website looks good, but it appears nothing has been done since January, 2012. Why not activate the Announcements section and include the annual meeting announcement, etc. Update monthly with news from the Board, so all us uniformed members can then be able to be informed on what’s going on in our Association. I would much rather hear directly from the Board regarding actions the Board is considering or has taken than find out through side comments, inuendo or gossip what may or may not be truly happening, or, in most cases, has happened.
    PLEASE KEEP US INFORMED!!! But let us know by letter or email when you start utilizing this part of the website so we don’t continue to check the website to no avail.

    Mayo Royal
    83 Longview Road

  2. Thank you for questions and comments.
    The intent of our website is primarily to provide documents for the members use – declaration and architectural guidelines as well as documents required for buying and selling property.
    This website, as you know, is open to the public. Much of the information that you would be interested in is considered proprietary. However, you are invited to contact any of the officers or directors. You may contact me at any time.
    We attempt not to list phone numbers on the site because they can be “swept” by spammers.
    You are correct, the Annual Meeting Date should have been posted and this was an oversight. Thank you for reminding me.
    This “blog” is an experiment and we are still unsure as to how useful it may be.
    You may call me or Bettie McCollum our current President, for answers to any questions you may have.

    • Sale of property in Burnt Mountain Estates is handled by real-estate companies or individuals and not by the Association. Thank you for your interest.

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